Yaay! Big Launching Giveaway!!! TwinBunny makes You lucky!

We will launch soon, and would love to celebrate it with All of You! There is no better way to do it, than a SWEEPSTAKE!

All of the subscribers will receive automatically a 20% OFF of their First Entire Order! But we don't stop there! Nope! We will drawn 3 absolutely free Outfits (one bottom+one top), between all of our subscribers! To enter in the Sweepstake the only thing you will have to do is sign up to our Newsletter, and like our Facebook page. And that's it! Sign up before the 16th of April! The Sweepstake's date: 20th of April, 5pm EST!

Winners will be notified by email, with a detailed description how to claim their Prize! 


Team TwinBunny,


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